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The Autogiro, a revolutionary aircraft, has left its mark in Costa Rica throughout history. Invented by the Spanish Juan de la Cierva, it allowed the first flights and trips between airfields in the country. With its unique autorotation capability, the Autogyro can glide smoothly and descend slowly. The ELA model stands out for its maneuverability and resistance with practically indestructible rotor blades. In this context, the ADVENTURE FLIGHTS company offers Autogiro tours, offering unprecedented safety and reliability.

The Autogyro: Invention of Juan de la Cierva

The Autogiro, a revolutionary and innovative aircraft, was created by the Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva. His ingenuity and dedication led him to develop this unique and versatile aircraft. In 1917, an important milestone was achieved when the autogyro made its first flight, traveling a distance of 200 meters. This invention opened the doors to new possibilities in the field of aviation.

Characteristics and operation of the Autogyro

The Autogiro is a revolutionary and versatile aircraft that has been managed and promoted by various organizations and companies throughout history. Its operation is based on its autorotation capacity, which allows it to glide and descend slowly in case the engine stops during flight.

Autogyro autorotation and gliding capacity

One of the most outstanding features of the Autogyro is its autorotation capacity. When the engine stops, the rotor blades can rotate freely thanks to the air flow generated by the movement of the Autogyro. This allows it to stay in the air and glide in a controlled manner, facilitating a safe landing even in emergency situations.

The ELA AVIACIÓN model: Maneuverability and resistance

Standing out among the Autogiro models, the ELA is characterized by its exceptional maneuverability and resistance. Its design and construction use composite materials, which provides greater strength and durability to the rotor blades. Thanks to this robustness, the ELA can face adverse weather conditions and maintain excellent performance.

Differences with helicopters in aerodynamic terms

Unlike helicopters, the Autogyro does not transmit energy to the rotor during flight, but instead takes advantage of the air flow to generate lift and propulsion. This implies significant conceptual and aerodynamic differences, such as different angles of incidence and unique flight characteristics. The Autogyro stands out for its autorotation capacity and its efficiency in flight, which makes it a safe and versatile option for various applications.

ADVENTURE FLIGHTS : Autogiro Tours in Costa Rica

Embark on an exciting aerial adventure with Adventureflights, the leading Autogyro tour company in Costa Rica. Our tours will give you the opportunity to admire the natural wonders of our beautiful country from above, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Explore the lush rainforest, stunning mountains and magnificent beaches of Costa Rica as you fly over in an Autogyro. Our highly trained pilots will guide you through the most amazing destinations, providing interesting information and telling you about the history and rich biodiversity of the region.


Discover hidden waterfalls and meandering rivers that weave through the lush jungle.

At Adventureflights , we make sure that every Autogyro tour is safe and comfortable. Our Autogyros are in optimal condition, in addition, we follow strict safety procedures to guarantee the peace of mind and reliability of our passengers. You find us at the Cóbano Airport

Adventureflights Safety and Reliability

Safety is our top priority at Adventureflights. Our highly trained pilots have extensive experience in Autogiro flights and are fully committed to the safety of all our passengers.

We carry out rigorous inspections and periodic maintenance on our aircraft to ensure that they are in perfect working order. In addition, we strictly comply with all rules and regulations established by the aeronautical authorities of Costa Rica.

Our impeccable track record speaks for itself as we have never had any accidents on Adventureflights. We put all our effort into offering an exciting and safe flight experience so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without worries.

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