Cobano Airport: The best private aerodrome in Costa Rica with exclusive services and a promising future

Cobano Airport, located near Montezuma and Santa Teresa , stands out for its office, hangar and advertising space rental services. In addition, it has airlines such as SANSA and GREEN AIRWAYS for domestic and private charter flights. They offer unique experiences such as autogyro flight tours by adventureflights, parachute jumps or various tours with Montezuma Tours or gastronomic options at the LA GLIDA restaurant.

Its future projection is also highlighted with the construction of private hangars, an aeronautical school and runway lighting for emergencies and night flights if necessary. More information at .

Featured services at Cobano Airport

Cobano Airport offers a variety of services that adapt to the needs of travelers and residents of the area. These services include the rental of offices, hangars and advertising spaces for those looking to establish their business at the airport. In addition, there is the presence of renowned airlines such as SANSA and GRENN AIRWAYS, which offer transportation services to both national destinations and private charter flights.

Rental of offices, hangars and advertising spaces

For those entrepreneurs and companies that wish to establish themselves at the airport, rental services for offices , hangars and advertising spaces are offered. These facilities provide the opportunity to have your own space in a strategic location, allowing you to conduct business and promote services and products.

Airline services: SANSA and GREEN AIRWAYS

Cobano Airport has the presence of prominent airlines such as SANSA and GREEN AIRWAYS, which offer air transportation services to various destinations. It specializes in domestic operations, reaching 14 cities in Costa Rica.

Domestic and private charter flights

Travelers who use Cobano Airport have the possibility of accessing domestic and private charter flights. This gives them flexible options for their travel, allowing them to reach different destinations within Costa Rica. Whether for tourist or business trips, the airport offers a modern fleet of aircraft and high-quality service to ensure a satisfactory flight experience.


BUDGET is dedicated to vehicle rental, with an office in the airport terminal itself, providing the best rental offers both near international airports and throughout the country.

Unique experiences at Cobano Airport

Tours de vuelo en autogiro

Visitors to Cobano Airport have the opportunity to enjoy exciting autogyro flight tours by the company Adventureflights . These flights provide a unique experience for those who want to explore the area's natural wonders from the air.

Guided by pilots with extensive experience in this type of flight, passengers can contemplate impressive landscapes, white sand beaches, lush vegetation and waterfalls that adorn the landscape. This exciting experience offers a completely different perspective and a dose of adrenaline for adventure lovers.

Adventureflights Costa Rica

Parachute jumps

Skydivecostarica offers exciting skydiving experiences from Cóbano airport. You can enjoy tandem jumps with experienced instructors or take courses to obtain your skydiving license.

Minibus routes, transfer services and water taxi

For those who wish to explore the surroundings of Cobano Airport more conveniently, minibus routes, shuttle services and water taxi are offered. These transportation options allow visitors to travel comfortably to their desired destinations, whether Santa Teresa, Malpaís, Montezuma, Cabo Blanco Park in Cabuya or other nearby points of interest. Minibuses and shuttle services provide an efficient way to travel by land, while water taxis offer the chance to enjoy a scenic boat trip across the crystal-clear ocean waters. The companies that offer this service are located in the same terminal of the Cobano Airport, they are Tropical tours, Montezuma Tours, Sun Trails and Pantera.

Gastronomic options at LA GLIDA restaurant

Cobano Airport also offers quality dining options at its LA GLIDA restaurant. Visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes that satisfy all palates. From tasty breakfasts to exquisite lunches, the restaurant offers dining options for all times of the day. Whether you want to enjoy a good coffee and breakfast or lunch, LA GLIDA offers you a unique culinary experience to complement your visit to the airport.

Hiring tours from the airport offices

Travelers who wish to discover the charms of the area can take advantage of the convenience of booking tours directly from the Cobano Airport offices. With a variety of options available, visitors can choose to explore the surrounding area on an adventure tour, immerse themselves in the natural beauty on a bird watching tour, or enjoy exciting water activities such as surfing or scuba diving. Led by expert local guides, these tours provide an enriching experience and ensure visitors get the most out of their stay in the area. At Cobano Airport, the unique experiences are not limited to just the gyroplane flights, transportation services, and dining options at LA GLIDA. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the area and discover the diversity of activities available to them. Whether you want to have a panoramic perspective from the air, take a tour by ground transportation, enjoy a delicious meal or book exciting tours, Cobano Airport makes sure your experience is unforgettable during your visit to this beautiful region of Costa Rica. .

Craft shops

Discover artisanal beauty and local treasures at Ave del Paraíso , a craft store at the Cóbano airport in Costa Rica.

Here you can discover the treasures that talented local artisans create with passion and skill. At Ave del Paraíso, you can explore the history behind the most representative crafts of Costa Rica, created by hand by national artisans.

Featured tourist products near Cobano Airport

Cobano Airport

Cobano Airport not only offers flight and transportation services, but also provides access to a wide variety of tourism products in nearby tourist centers. Here are some notable options:

Tourist options

There are a wide variety of options to explore the main tourist centers near Cobano Airport. Among them are:

  • Santa Teresa : Discover the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa and enjoy activities such as surfing, horseback riding and relaxing sunsets.
  • Malpaís : Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Malpaís, where you will find lush jungles, impressive waterfalls and a great diversity of flora and fauna.
  • Montezuma : Explore the charming town of Montezuma, known for its white sand beaches, vibrant local markets and bohemian vibe.
  • Cabuya : Visit the quiet town of Cabuya, surrounded by beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes, perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Impact of the airport on the economic and tourist development of the area

The opening of the Cobano Airport has had a significant impact on the economic and tourist development of the area. The arrival of domestic and private charter flights has allowed an increase in the flow of tourists and has generated new growth opportunities. Improved accessibility has made this area more attractive to visitors looking for unique Costa Rica experiences.

In addition, the Cobano Airport has led to greater investments in the area, attracting tourists with greater purchasing power and encouraging the development of larger tourism projects. This has generated a significant economic boost, creating jobs and creating opportunities for local residents.

Future projection of Cobano Airport

Cobano Airport has big plans for its future, which include the construction of private hangars and an aeronautical school. These initiatives aim to strengthen infrastructure and encourage the growth of the aerospace industry in the area.

Construction of private hangars and aeronautical school

One of the main commitments of Cobano Airport is the construction of private hangars to provide exclusive services to aircraft owners. These hangars will offer safe and functional spaces for the shelter and maintenance of aircraft, providing comfort and peace of mind to the owners.

In addition, it is planned to establish an aeronautical school at the airport, with the aim of training and training future pilots and aviation professionals. This school will have modern facilities and a specialized team of instructors, providing quality education and promoting the development of new generations of experts in the aeronautical field.

Runway lighting for emergencies

In order to guarantee maximum safety in all air operations, the installation of a lighting system is planned on the runway of the Cobano Airport. This lighting will facilitate landings and takeoffs in low visibility situations, as well as ensure the necessary visibility during emergencies and night operations.

With this lighting system, the aim is to improve the airport's operational capacity, providing greater confidence to pilots and passengers, and guaranteeing a safe and efficient environment for all aerial activities.

New air routes and alliances with airlines and tourist areas

Cobano Airport has the objective of expanding its offer of air routes, thus expanding connectivity options for travelers and strengthening its position as an access point to nearby tourist destinations. This will allow tourists to reach places such as Santa Teresa, Montezuma and Mal País more comfortably and quickly.

In addition, it seeks to establish strategic alliances with airlines, as well as with important tourist areas of the country. These alliances will promote the development of tourism in the area and will consolidate Cobano Airport as a benchmark in the Costa Rican airport industry.

Web references

For more information about Cobano Airport and the services it offers, we invite you to visit our official website: . On our website, you will find details about the rental of offices, hangars and advertising spaces available at our facilities, as well as information about the airlines SANSA and GREEN AIRWAYS that operate at our airport.

In addition, you will be able to learn about the national and private charter destinations that you can access from Cobano Airport, along with the corresponding schedules and rates. If you are interested in living a unique experience, we invite you to explore our autogyro flight tours, tourist routes and water taxi service, which you can hire directly at our offices.

If you want more information about the featured tourist products in the area, do not hesitate to consult the offer of MONTEZUMA TOURS , a company specialized in offering travel options to the main tourist centers near the Cobano Airport, such as Santa Teresa, Malpaís, Montezuma and Cabuya .

As for our future projection, you can find details about our plans to build private hangars and an aeronautical school on our website. We are also working on installing emergency runway lighting, which will ensure greater safety in air operations.

In addition, we are in the process of establishing new air routes and seek to establish alliances with airlines and tourist areas to promote the growth and development of Cobano Airport. We invite you to explore our website to obtain updated information about our facilities, services and future projects. We are committed to providing you with a unique and high-quality travel experience.

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