Cóbano Airport is proud to announce the launch of a space reserved for exhibiting and selling works of art by local artists. This space is a celebration of the vibrant and diversified artistic talent in Costa Rica, and is designed to promote the creation and appreciation of art in our community.


Each painting tells a story, reflecting the rich culture and beauty of our country. Discover a wide range of styles, from abstraction to nature, that are sure to captivate your senses. Don't miss the opportunity to take a part of Costa Rica with you in the form of art, on your next trip.

All works are for sale and are delivered well packaged for transport, or shipped if you want to buy online.

For consultation, sale and shipping you can contact Art Coordinator Elizabeth through Instagram or Facebook @elylunart or by WhatsApp at +506-64805441 in Spanish or English.


Etel Bruno

@etel_bruno 40×50 Acrylics

Etel Bruno

Cod. 01 Malpaís Beach usd 339

Etel Bruno

Malpais Beach 2023 usd 339

Elizabeth Volk


St. Teresa Joy usd

Capturing the sensations of Playa Santa Teresa

Life has infinite colors like us, like our emotions, what colors do we choose to see it in?

Costa Rica in colors 2023 20×20 Acrylics and markers usd 90

The importance of light and shadow are identical, there would not be one without the other, and giving light to our shadow means, for me, hugging each other tightly and accepting each other, allowing everything to be transformed and in constant natural movement.

Light and Shadow 2022 30×40 cm acrylics and glitter usd 250

Javier Fernandez Araya



The mirror effect of water after raining, combination of rain and sun

September 15, 2023 15.5×16.5 cm -oil on canvas usd110

Moonrise from Montezuma Beach

17.5×17.5 – oil on canvas usd110

The first time he flew over Quepos between clouds and sun

September 23, 2023 14.5x 18 usd110

Francoise Studer


Michael at the pool 2023  22x28cm usd452

Friends and the dog 2023 22×28 usd452

gitte at the beach 2023 22×28 usd452

Technique of the three: Gouache on paper

Description of all three:

I am inspired by everyday encounters and heartfelt situations, the little moments in life that give joy. I attempt to journal  these moments like little jewels

Romina Cejas



Tropical geometry USD339

The colors of nature are my inspiration!

Geometry is organized in my mind and connects me with the present

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