Costa Rica Green Airways: a premium option on regular and charter flights.

Costa Rica Green Airways is an airline committed to quality and sustainability in Costa Rica. Since its inauguration in November 2018, it has stood out for offering a premium experience on regular and charter flights. Its unique approach is reflected in its commitment to carbon neutrality and the reforestation of natural areas in the country. With a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, highly trained pilots and Argus Gold safety certification, Costa Rica Green Airways guarantees an exceptional trip full of energy and connection with nature. Discover the featured destinations and the latest news from this Costa Rican airline.

Costa Rica Green Airways: An airline committed to quality and sustainability in Costa Rica

The story of Costa Rica Green Airways and its unique focus on premium flights

Costa Rica Green Airways is an airline with a fascinating history and a unique focus on providing premium flights in Costa Rica. Since its inception in November 2018, this Costa Rican family airline has stood out for its passion for the air and a different way of flying. Their commitment to quality and safety is reflected in every aspect of their service, from reservation to arrival at the destination.

Commitment to sustainability: Carbon neutrality and reforestation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Green Airways is proud of its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection in Costa Rica. As part of their efforts, they have managed to maintain carbon neutrality in all their flights and operations. Every time a passenger flies with them, endemic trees are planted in natural areas of Costa Rica, such as the Bongo and Aria rivers.

In addition, the airline has partnered with local organizations and communities to carry out beach cleanups and contribute to the protection of nature. This commitment not only seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, but also to preserve the unique beauty of Costa Rica for future generations.

Exceptional flight experience with Costa Rica Green Airways

At Costa Rica Green Airways, we are proud to offer our passengers an exceptional flight experience, full of comfort, quality and safety. Our state-of-the-art fleet is comprised of cutting-edge aircraft, including the Daher Kodiak, Britten Norman Islander and Cessna Caravan.

Leading fleet: Daher Kodiak, Britten Norman Islander and Cessna Caravan

We have the Daher Kodiak, a versatile and resistant aircraft that allows us to reach remote and inaccessible destinations in Costa Rica. Its robust design and its ability to operate on short runways allow us to explore spectacular places in the middle of the jungle or next to impressive beaches. Additionally, the Britten Norman Islander is another notable aircraft in our fleet. With its capacity to carry up to 9 passengers, it is perfect for group or family flights, providing a comfortable and spacious experience. Finally, the Cessna Caravan stands out for its versatility and performance. With its capacity to transport up to 14 passengers, it is ideal for larger flights, always maintaining the quality and safety that characterizes us.

Highly trained pilots and Argus Gold safety certification

At Costa Rica Green Airways, we understand that safety is paramount. That's why we have highly trained and experienced pilots who are committed to providing exceptional service on every flight. Our pilots undergo rigorous training and monitoring programs to ensure they remain up-to-date in all air operations and safety practices.

Additionally, we are proud to have achieved Argus Gold certification, which represents the highest standards of safety in aviation. This certification is the result of our ongoing commitment to safety and compliance with the highest standards and regulations.

Featured destinations and news from Costa Rica Green Airways

Exploring Costa Rica: Flights to Quepos (Manuel Antonio) and Cóbano (Santa Teresa)

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica with the featured destinations that Costa Rica Green Airways has to offer you. With flights to Quepos (Manuel Antonio) and Cóbano ( Santa Teresa ), you can enjoy spectacular beaches, impressive national parks and lush tropical nature.

  • Quepos (Manuel Antonio): Immerse yourself in the magic of Manuel Antonio, with its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation. Explore Manuel Antonio National Park, home to an incredible diversity of species, including monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds. Enjoy activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, and relaxing boat rides.
  • Cóbano (Santa Teresa): Step into the tropical paradise of Santa Teresa, famous for its stunning golden sand beaches and excellent surfing conditions. Enjoy a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, with a vibrant culinary and arts scene. Explore the area's natural wonders, including Cabo Blanco National Park and its scenic trails.

Important change of destination: Flights to Montezuma, Mal País and Santa Teresa

As of November 15, Costa Rica Green Airways has implemented a significant change to flight destinations. Flights previously booked for Tambor Airport now land at the new Cóbano Airport , allowing for faster and more convenient connection to the destinations of Montezuma, Mal País and Santa Teresa.

  • Montezuma: Discover this charming coastal town with a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere. Explore its magnificent waterfalls, pristine beaches and rich local culture. Immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and bars.
  • Mal País: Immerse yourself in a perfect mix of nature and adventure in Mal País. Enjoy beautiful beaches surrounded by lush vegetation, ideal for surfing, kayaking and observing marine life. Delve into Cabo Blanco National Park to explore fascinating trails and spot abundant wildlife.
  • Santa Teresa: Immerse yourself in the stunning beaches of Santa Teresa and let yourself be captivated by its bohemian spirit. Enjoy incredible surf waves, relax on the beach, sample delicious local cuisine, and join vibrant cultural events. You can also explore the surroundings and visit places like the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve.

Explore these exciting destinations with Costa Rica Green Airways and live a unique experience full of natural beauty and adventure.

Contact and reservation management with Costa Rica Green Airways

We provide you with various contact options so that you can communicate with them quickly and easily. If you have questions or need to make a reservation, you can use any of the following means of communication :

Phone calls

If you prefer to communicate by phone, we have a customer service team available to answer your calls. You can call the contact number provided on their website and you will receive personalized assistance to resolve your questions or make your reservations.


We also offer the option to contact via WhatsApp. You can send your questions or request additional information using this instant messaging application. The WhatsApp number is available on their website so you can add it to your contacts and have a direct conversation with the customer service team.


If you prefer to contact by email, Costa Rica Green Airways has an email address to which you can send your questions or request information. You will receive a response in the shortest possible time to provide you with all the required assistance.

Managing your reservations: The 'My account' section on the website

On the Costa Rica Green Airways website, you can access a section called 'My account', where you can create a personal account and manage all your reservations in a practical and comfortable way. From there, you can make changes to your flights, add additional services or cancel a reservation if necessary. This functionality is designed to offer you greater control and flexibility in managing your trips.

Costa Rica Green Airways baggage and security policies

Luggage transportation is an important part of your travel experience with Costa Rica Green Airways. The airline has clear and efficient procedures for cases of loss, damage or delay of luggage, ensuring the prompt resolution of any inconvenience you may face.

Procedures in cases of loss, damage or delay of luggage

In the event that the luggage does not reach its final destination, Costa Rica Green Airways has a dedicated team that will be in charge of tracking it and locating it as soon as possible. You must report any problem with your luggage to the airline staff at the airport of arrival and provide the necessary information for its location. In situations of damaged or lost luggage, Costa Rica Green Airways will work to resolve the problem fairly and quickly. If the luggage is damaged, an evaluation will be carried out to determine the corresponding compensation according to applicable international standards. In the event of loss, the airline will make every effort to locate you and, if this is not possible, the necessary procedures will be carried out to make appropriate compensation. If you experience a delay in the delivery of your luggage, Costa Rica Green Airways will do everything possible to deliver it to you as soon as possible. During this process, they will keep you informed about the status of your luggage and provide you with assistance and guidance if you need it.

Limits of liability and compliance with international standards

It is important to keep in mind that Costa Rica Green Airways establishes limits of liability in cases of damage, loss or flight interruptions according to applicable international conventions. These limits are in line with regulations and standards established to ensure the protection of passengers and compliance with international aviation standards. The airline complies with all safety standards and regulations established by local and international aviation authorities. Additionally, Costa Rica Green Airways has obtained Argus Gold certification, which represents the highest safety standards in aviation. This ensures that passengers travel with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that the airline prioritizes their safety at all times.

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