Jump into the sky with skydivecostarica at Cóbano Airport, Puntarenas.

Skydivecostarica offers exciting skydiving experiences in Cóbano , Puntarenas. Enjoy tandem jumps with experienced instructors or take courses to obtain your skydiving license. With certified instructors in the United States and a 100% safety record, skydivecostarica guarantees professionalism and trust.

Exciting experiences offered by skydivecostarica

Skydive Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to live exciting skydiving experiences in Cóbano, Puntarenas. Enjoy the incredible sensation of flying in the sky while admiring the beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica. At skydivecostarica, we offer different options so you can experience skydiving in a safe and exciting way. Below we detail two of our most popular experiences:

Tandem skydiving: Jump alongside an experienced instructor

If you are new to the world of skydiving, Tandem skydiving is the perfect option for you. In this experience, you will skydive alongside a highly experienced instructor. Throughout the jump, you will be joined by your instructor, who will be in charge of guiding you and guaranteeing your safety at all times. This way you can fully enjoy the exciting free fall and the gentle arrival on dry land.

Special courses to obtain a skydiving license

If you want to become a certified skydiver, skydivecostarica offers special courses to obtain your skydiving license. In these courses, you will learn all the techniques and skills necessary to perform solo jumps safely. Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge so that you can enjoy this exciting discipline independently. Live the adventure of becoming a certified skydiver and discover everything that the Costa Rican sky has to offer you.

Don't miss the opportunity to live these exciting experiences offered by skydivecostarica. Enter the exciting world of skydiving and discover the feeling of freedom and adrenaline that can only be experienced when jumping from heights. At skydivecostarica we are waiting for you to make your dreams of flying come true!

Safety and professionalism at skydivecostarica

At skydivecostarica, safety and professionalism are fundamental values. To ensure maximum safety in each jump, we have highly qualified and certified instructors in the United States.

Certified instructors in the United States

Our instructors have obtained their certification in the United States, which guarantees their experience and knowledge in skydiving. They are trained to provide personalized attention and ensure that each participant feels safe and confident throughout the entire process.

With their extensive experience in the field, our instructors are able to guide participants and provide precise instructions before, during and after the jump. Their professionalism and dedication provide a high-level experience to all those who decide to participate in skydivecostarica.

100% safety record

At skydivecostarica, we are proud of our 100% safety record. Our commitment to safety involves rigorous inspections and maintenance of equipment, as well as the implementation of safety protocols throughout our operations.

Each skydiver is thoroughly evaluated before the jump, ensuring that all necessary requirements and conditions are met. Furthermore, we strictly follow the safety rules and regulations set by the competent authorities.

Thanks to these measures, we can guarantee our participants a safe and smooth skydiving experience. Your well-being and satisfaction are our number one priority.

Ideal location in Cóbano, Puntarenas to perform the jumps

Cóbano, located in the beautiful province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, offers the perfect setting for skydivecostarica skydiving jumps. With its impressive landscape and favorable weather conditions, this area will give you an unforgettable experience full of excitement and adrenaline.

Located near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Cóbano is located 7 minutes from Montezuma and 17 minutes from Santa Teresa and Malpaís . It offers amazing panoramas from the sky as you glide at breakneck speeds. Imagine the thrill of viewing mountains, rivers, wildlife and lush rainforests from above. Cóbano truly offers you a splendid natural canvas to enjoy during your skydive.

In addition to its natural beauty, Cóbano also has top-notch facilities for skydiving. skydivecostarica has established its base here at our airport, providing all the necessary amenities for skydiving enthusiasts to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Our facilities are designed with the comfort and safety of our clients in mind, ensuring they have an unforgettable experience from the moment they arrive.

If you are an adventurer in search of extreme emotions, Cóbano is definitely the perfect place for you. The combination of its privileged geographical location and first-class infrastructure make this destination a paradise for skydiving lovers. What are you waiting for? Come and feel the excitement of jumping from heights at skydivecostarica in Cóbano, Puntarenas!

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